January 2017

Fair to Middle Men

Fair to Middle Men

As United have apparently stumbled upon their early season lull a couple of months behind the expected schedule (or 10 months early, for those insisting we aren’t going to be having one this season), it’s only natural that collective fingers are prepared, sharpened, pointed, prodded and jabbed violently in the direction of the presumed culpable parties amongst the squad. In ‘failing’ to replace Scholesy […]

Everton 0 - 1 United

Everton 0 – 1 United

Very pleased to come away with a win. In a way the performance doesn’t matter, it’s just about recovery from last week and not losing ground on City at this stage. In terms of performance, there were some good passages of play and Cleverley certainly appears to add more fluid movement to the midfield (Happy his […]

Everton 1 – 2 United

It’s getting hard to maintain my position of never predicting anything but a win. Everton are always tough and having just seen the staring line up as I write this I’m concerned that we have no natural width…although can’t deny that Welbeck probably deserves to keep his place. With Young injured though would have prefered […]

Aldershot 0 - 3 United

Aldershot 0 – 3 United

I recognised that number 9 from last season, he’s not a bad player…What’s his name B, B, B, B, B, B, B, B, B, BERBATOV! Comfortable. Not sure how it really exercises  any demons from Sunday as it was a totally different team playing a team a squillion positions below us in the english leagues, […]

Aldershot 1 – 6 United

For some reason that scoreline is stuck in my head. Hopefully Dimitar The Suppressed will be given a game…I’m pretty sure Owen will and if both start I expect, with Carrick and Valencia etc playing, that we may turn them over quite heavily (However, it’s not the players who played on Sunday, so that will […]

United 1 - 6 Man City

United 1 – 6 Man City

Well I’ve seen a lot of things while I’ve been blogging for Bifurcated…But I didn’t really expect to see that. The result does suggest City will be more of a problem than I personally gave them credit for at the start of the season. There is a marked improvement from last season. They actually feel […]

United 3 – 1 City

Heh heh. Okay a little more than heh heh. I think Mancini will revert to type with his tactics and try and keep it tight. Which is a shame for City because on paper all things considered they have a stronger 11 than us (don’t however confuse that with being a better team than us) […]

Otelul Galati 0-2 United

Otelul Galati 0-2 United

Damn. I should have been more bold and would have got the result and scorer bang on. Predicted a Rooney brace and was tempted to put 0-2 but was just a bit concerned about us defensively. Couldn’t have gone much more to type this game. It’s a shame about the Vida red card, but how […]

Yo! My T.V Rap

Yo! My T.V Rap

Unfortunately for the thousands upon thousands of Bifurcated  fans around the world, Bifurcated has parted company with our resident musician faux-Dion Dublin. We have cut all imagined ties with the Jazz fusion triped after he was spotted in real life moonlighting on the Beeb’s MOTD3 programme. FEAR NOT! The house band has been on a […]

Otelul Galati 1 – 3 United

Can’t see us keeping a clean sheet at the moment with our defence being chopped and chenged so much through necessity and to accomodate Vida and Rio returning to fitness. I hope we do keep a clean sheet though (oviously) especially if Lindegaard starts (Sssshh, he’s my favourite). Otelul have looked okayish from what I’ve […]

Liverpool 1-1 United

Liverpool 1-1 United

More than happy with a draw. Regardless of the ins and outs of previous trips to Anfield, we haven’t come away from their with a point that regularly so you can kind of see it as an improvement in a round about kind of a way (althoogh of course you never really do). The team […]

Babysitting George

Babysitting George

Babysitting George – Celia Walden (Bloomsbury 2011) I’d heard about Babysitting George when it was the book of the week on Radio 4 (Yes I was in between applying my Fixodent and emptying my bed pan before you ask) and although wasn’t immediately taken by it, after reading a few reviews I decided in the […]

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