June 2016

Liverpool 1 – 3 United

I think Liverpool have improved their squad this season, but I still think they have a lot of issues that need to be addressed with the way they play and still don’t have enough to challenge at the business end of the season. If they, and I think they will, attempt to disrupt our rhythm […]

The Revolution should be on telly.

The Revolution should be on telly.

I decided after having overheard and engaged in too many conversations, casual chats and unreasonable drunken slanging matches about the money in football, that I was going calculate how much I’ve actually earned in my lifetime. The point being for me that the next time someone inevitably recoils mid-discourse and says, “but, 200,000-a-week that’s more than most people earn in a…(insert appropriate time-frame according to social stratification)” I’d have some actual solid […]

United 2 - 0 Norwich

United 2 – 0 Norwich

It was never going to be easy. We’ve hit a little trough, hampered by a few injuries and lost a bit of momentum. Anderson after promising much in some earlier games appears to be getting stuck in the same old habits of trying to do too much early and then tiring dramatically in the second […]

United 2 – 0 Norwich

With Rooney and Chicha back in the line up can’t see this being anything but a win. Norwich have shown themselves to have a bit about them in fits and starts this season, but surely can’t expect to get much from this game at O.T. We’ve lost a bit of momentum over the week and […]

United 3 - 3 Basel

United 3 – 3 Basel

Well I didn’t expect that! I didn’t expect to see DW, sorry Welbz,  and his goals were well taken (Not sure what it is, but can’t bring myself to completely like Welbeck yet). Still not happy with where we are playing TV, but great to see Ashley Young get his first for United in Europe […]

United 2 – 0 Basel

Think despite missing Chicha and Rooney (who might not play if fit anyway) we should have enough to come through this game. Basel sometimes look like a smart team, but not quite smart enough for me. I’m going 2-0 with a Berba brace (Berbatov is becoming my new Owen 2011, always hoping he bags a […]

Stoke 1 - 1 United

Stoke 1 – 1 United

Well Nani is having a good couple of weeks that’s for sure. I’m still not sure a)That he can carry on this form for a sustained period b) He applies himself throughout 90 minutes c) If he continues to peform in this way that he won’t move to Real or hoever soon. But for now […]

Stoke 1 – 2 United

Playing Stoke is always awkward and they will always put you under pressure. They’ve also bought well and I always think Crouch is a better and more dangerous player than the various managers who buy him appear to give him credit for. Without Rooney we might struggle especially on top of being without Cleverley and […]

Leeds 0 - 3 United

Leeds 0 – 3 United

Great to see Michael Owen getting a couple to keep the competition for places healthy and to prove that he still has a big part to play in the squad. Despite seeming to mock Owen a lot on Twitter and in various blogs I write, I actually really like him and secretly want him to […]

Leeds 0 – 4 United

With the squad looking so strong this season I can’t see anything other than a comfortable win here. With so many players who could be considered first team needing minutes on the pitch to improve fitness the team will surely be a lot more familiar looking than the usual early Car boot cup line up. […]

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