June 2016

United 2 - 0 Otelul Galati

United 2 – 0 Otelul Galati

  The most interesting thing about this game was that in the build up I discovered that Oletul translated to Steel but Oletul Galati as a whole translates to Middlesborough. Few positives Fabio getting on the pitch and Phil Jones just gets better. Count most everything else as not as positive and 2-0 is a […]

In SAF we trust.

In SAF we trust.

Although not exclusive to Fergie, we are often treated – especially on Twitter – to the mildly threatening, popular refrain amongst some United fans of, ‘In SAF we trust’. The  implication is clear: SAF = God; omnipotent and (since 1986) omnipresent. It’s not literal: it’s a football ‘one liner’, in a similar vein to, ‘United, […]

United 4 – 0 Otelul Galati

This should really be a comfortable win. If Galati get anything out of this game it will be more damaging than the City result, but they won’t, so it won’t. Cliche of the week: A useful game for key players to get match fitness and minutes and possibly a chance for some of the youth players to get […]

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