June 2016

Eat my An Oak Tree

Eat my An Oak Tree

It was inevitable that at some point in my capacity as A. N. Other Football Blogger I would be drawn into attempting to, in some way, address from my own point of view, an aspect of football’s relationship, or lack there of, with ‘art’. In my civvies away from this site, in what would be considered by some in direct contrast, I own and run […]

The Z Factor: The Final!

The Z Factor: The Final!

Now next on the Bi-Player it’s the live Z-factor final (warning- contains strong language) … If you want you can sing along in your head with the theme tune. What? You don’t know the theme tune? Well imagine a parallel world where a progamme with an almost indentical format to the Z-Factor using a similarly […]

United 4 - 1 Wolves

United 4 – 1 Wolves

Thank Fergie for that! Just the kind of result SAF would have been demanding from us. A very very good result and the kind of performance that doesn’t leave you sulking for a few days. Really happy Rooney got a couple and Nani’s been threatening to get amongst it for a couple of games. The […]

United 2 – 1 Wolves

Hopefully we can regroup a bit and scrape through just to keep in touch. Still gutted about Champs League exit. Goals: Nani and Welbeck

Filling a slightly Rooney shaped midfield hole with a Rooney peg.

Filling a slightly Rooney shaped midfield hole with a Rooney peg.

If you were asked to pick a player from the current United squad to duplicate eleven times, and then field in the next fixture, I think you’d be hard pushed not to choose Rooney. Vidic might get a few votes, but the referee would have a job keeping up with play, with the extra luggage […]

Basel 2 – 1 United


Basel 1 – 3 United

Can’t see this going smoothly with out a few moments of bum squeeking. The fact they can qualify and it’s at theirs make this a real battle  (It really is nigh on impossible not to speak in cliches…I’m submitting to their pull). Should, Should SHOULD be able to scrape through at worst with a draw, […]

Liverpool's pair-shaped season

Liverpool’s pair-shaped season

Our new Bi-focal post series invites new regular(ish) contributor and  Liverpool fan (Boo, Hiss)  Rob Wicke to share his thoughts on the comatose giants we love to not like very much.     Ying-yang, heaven-hell, Barry Elliot-Paul Elliot and other dependent opposites have an important part to play in our understanding of the world. They […]

Can Becks take us back to the short term future?

Can Becks take us back to the short term future?

Okay, you’re all gonna think I’m a few studs short of a Nigel De Jong tackle and in all fairness that is true a large percentage of the time…BUT wait… He’s free. He’s literally free. He’s something different. He’s still a match winner. He’s still creative. He still has career ambitions. He’s old but Giggsy […]

Villa 0 - 1 United

Villa 0 – 1 United

  Hopefully City’s ‘blip’ will come and wasn’t just the Fulham game. It’s got to be affecting the players to a certain degree to be seeing them steamroller their way thorugh fixtures at an unhealthy rate. It affects me. No need to copy and paste the same reaction as the last few games. We need […]

ULTIMATE! United All Time Spoonerism XI

ULTIMATE! United All Time Spoonerism XI

When the Reverend William Archibald Spooner invented  the spoonerism, or whatever he did (used one for the first time) he couldn’t possibly have imagined he’d have the Manchester United legends and ex-pros of the footballing world champing at the bit to see if they had made it into the all time ULTIMATE! United All Time […]

Villa 1 – 3 United

May aswell go out on a limb and predict this to be the week it all finally starts clicking with a decent performance. The midweek disappointment although compounding certain fears about the way our season is headed on the current trajectory was with very much a second string team (who am I talking to?).  We always seem […]

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