June 2016

Newcastle 3 - 0 United

Newcastle 3 – 0 United

Oh dear what will the matter be…etc etc I don’t know that song. Ba and Cabaye’s goals were corkers which you can do nothing about as was Jill’s OG. If you’re going to score own goals regularly you may aswell be the most worst. Poo.  

Newcastle 1 – 3 United

At the moment I’m not sure what team we are going to put out and not sure what type of performance they are gonna give, so here’s hoping for a good one. Newcastle too vary in their performance levels of late, so let’s hope for a bad un for them. Rooney with a couple and […]

United 2 - 3 Blackburn

United 2 – 3 Blackburn

Who invited Buzz Killington to SAF’s birthday?! Onwards to 2012.

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