January 2017

Norwich 0 - 1 United

Norwich 0 – 1 United

What difference a Danny makes, plenty ‘phwoars, title ours. Sing along! SING ALONG!!! SING A-LONG!!!! What do you mean it’s not a real song (and it doesn’t work)?! It’s on the internet, isn’t it?! Just needs a little more cow bell. That winning ugly/fortunately/undeservedly/etc-erally thing, that Fergie had listed under ‘hobbies’ on his C.V, is one of Moyes’ […]

Hull 2 - 3 United

Hull 2 – 3 United

I know, I know … it’s getting a little scary/scarey now. Oh, I was talking about the black toe I’ve got from wearing ill-fitting shoes just before Christmas, what were you talking about? Oh, the fact I’m getting all the scores right! Of course! I had barely noticed. Really is proper good to see Fletch […]

Norwich vs United

Norwich vs United

. Tom (@Tom_McGhee): . Literally typing this on a phone, as I drive a 7.5 tonne lorry. It’s not ideal. If only I’d had a few spare days to prepare something better… Prediction: Going to go with 3-1 United if for no other reason that I’m trying to be more optimistic for the new year […]

Hull vs United

Hull vs United

  As I correctly guessed the Villa result and scorers, and then almost got the West Ham score and scorers too … I don’t know where this sentence is going, I’m going to abandon it. Was just trying to crowbar in what I’d done. That was it really. Hull are at that level of doing […]

Fairytale of De Gea - A Song By Paul Off Of The Rant Cast

Fairytale of De Gea – A Song By Paul Off Of The Rant Cast

Here we are again … simply enjoying another wonderful Christmas song!

United 3 - 1 West Ham

United 3 – 1 West Ham

I’m getting good at this prediction thing. Or repeating the same prediction over and over and over again eventually comes up trumps. I’m going with the first one. The second one sounds wrong. As Paul off of the Rant Cast texted me: It’s Christmas come early #Danny #Adnan That sums it up far better than […]

United vs West Ham

United vs West Ham

  Guessing which West Ham is going to turn up is like guessing a thing that’s not very easy to guess. I’m going to presume it will be the West Ham that plays in the Premier League, and that, coupled with our very poor home form, yet recent mini-run of “general form”, I’d say makes […]

LC: Stoke 0 - 2 United

LC: Stoke 0 – 2 United

All hail: Young Ashley’s goal; Patrice’s goal; Fletch getting more minutes and promising he’s all better; Rooney being out and giving Danny a chance; the result. I’ve run out of things to hail. Bored now. Potentially a nice little run of fixtures over the next couple of weeks. Who’d bet against us being in the […]

LC: Stoke vs United

LC: Stoke vs United

Nowadays, under Sparky (or as he’s now known ‘Mark Hughes’), tonight’s opponents can be weaselly distinguished, by their stokally different playing style, or something. I didn’t really think that opening sentence through. I imagine they’re still the same: Crouch with the occasional bit of magic and less occasional attempt at an overhead kick when it’s […]

Villa 0 - 3 United

Villa 0 – 3 United

  Like I said a couple of posts ago (not to you, to the person reading over your shoulder), am on a no repeat trip at the moment, so not gonna say anything, unless there’s something new to say. But maybe read my pre-match thing, and then fall in love with me*.   *More in […]

Villa vs United

Villa vs United

Look, David, if you had one shot, or one opportunity to seize everything you ever wanted, in one moment, would you capture it? Or just let it slip, yo… . His palms are sweaty, “Rio’s weak”, “Ando’s heavy”, there’s DM on his sweater already – Morgan sewed it. He’s nervous, and on the surface he […]

Christmas 2012

Christmas 2012

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