January 2017

United 2 - 1 West Ham

United 2 – 1 West Ham

With all these twos of goals I feel sorry for the nets.

United vs West Ham

United vs West Ham

Brett: Like the old saying goes,  every cloud saves nine, but you can’t make it drink, and I think you’d struggle to find anything better to say about this, or anything, than that.  Even if you had Susie Dent off of Countdown with a really powerful magnifying glass, or perhaps a microscope with a 1000x setting […]

Leicester 5 - 3 United

Leicester 5 – 3 United

Told you that was gonna happen.

Leicester vs United

Leicester vs United

Benno (@Benglorious): “Lololololo Radamel Falcao!” Call me old-fashioned, but I believe that tens of thousands of people laughing at their club’s latest signing can’t be good for the player in question’s confidence.  This showed last Sunday as the poor bloke started his United career with zero goals.  Seeing as this is what he was hired […]

United 4 - 0 QPR

United 4 – 0 QPR

*You have reached the voicemail service for Cornelius Biff. Please leave your message after the tone* *BEEEEEEP*

United vs QPR

United vs QPR

  Benno (@Benglorious): I’m not going to lie, it’s been a couple of emotionally-charged weeks in the Glorious household.  I imagine United’s transfer shenanigans have also left both of you not knowing whether to dance with joy or sob your eyes out.  Not just tears but proper chest-heaving cries and loads of snot running into […]

Burnley 0 - 0 United

Burnley 0 – 0 United

*Fax machine sounds*

Burnley vs United

Burnley vs United

*I’m sorry, but the person you’ve called is not available … please hang up and try again*

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