January 2017

Episode 7 – Trend it like Beckham

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Liverpool 1 – 2 United

Liverpool Rob (I didn’t know the Spanish had a thing for collecting stamps. It was an intriguing match where both teams struggled to create good scoring opportunities, both worked hard to find space and to close it down. Boring to a neutral, frustrating to a fan. I’m going to state the obvious here, for the […]

United 3 - 0 Spurs

United 3 – 0 Spurs

You have to feel for Rooney. Probably. On the very same day that video of him getting knocked out by Phil Bardsley is leaked on to the internet, he scores a goal in front of a packed Old Trafford, and is instantly confronted by a ghost, who offers him out, and knocks him out again! […]

Liverpool vs United

Liverpool Rob Now it may come as some surprise to you to read that I like to see Man U lose. Indeed, that’s the main reason I’ve watched so many Utd matches these past couple of years. I’ve probably seen more Utd games than Brett. But that’s nothing to brag about round ‘ere. At the […]

United vs Spurs

United vs Spurs

Benno (@Benglorious) To the lads; Hotel is amazing. Weather is brilliant. Went snorkelling today and saw a big ray thing. What was the score in the Arsenal game? Hope Angel did the business after my amazing preview. Did you know that they play football here in Jamaica but they use a smaller ball and hit […]

FAC: United 1 - 2 Arsenal

FAC: United 1 – 2 Arsenal

Nothing obliterates the myth that modern footballers “do their homework” in state of the art video suites more, than Ashley Young’s trick still beating any amount of full backs than is reasonable. They’re playing Daley Thompson on their Sinclair Spectrums, like the rest of us. p.s Down with the return of Ashley Young’s tendrils and […]

Bonus Track: Michael Owen Sings Fancy

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Time and Fruit: An annotated history

Firstly, I don’t really know what annotated means so don’t ask or point out if its wrong, it lends credibility. Secondly: Given the debacle that was the UETFA World Cup (I still can’t believe they built that stadium in the middle of nowhere) and the fallout that followed, it seemed Time And Fruit was done. […]



FAC: United vs Arsenal

FAC: United vs Arsenal

Benno (@Benglorious) By the time you two read this, I will be dead. I don’t know what’s gone wrong here.  That worked so much better in my head with completely different words. Anyway, Arsenal are the visitors tonight for this FA Cup match.  As this is the first time that United and Arsenal will have […]

Newcastle 0 – 1 United

Thought for the day: #therewillbehaterz

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