January 2017

Everton 3 – 0 United

Nice to see Vangle losing emphatically to Everton, like the Fergie we deserve. Thought for the Day: Games against Everton are like games against Everton: you always know what you’re gonna get. Beat.  

Anderson Luís de Abreu Oliveira

Frozen in this pose forever.

Everton vs United

Everton vs United

mm  Benno (@Benglorious) If we were playing Tottenham, I could make some spurious reference to Kyle Walker’s alleged love of dogging.  We’re not. Prediction: Gundogan to start in place of Carrick for his 100th appearance for the club, Hummels will continue his recent run of goalscoring with yet another header from a set-piece, Falcao will score Danny’s […]

Gabriel Obertan

Hiding from the CIA in a CIA agent’s house.

Juan Sebastián Verón


Chelsea 1 - 0 United

Chelsea 1 – 0 United

I know it’s hard to imagine us without the jokes, but anyway … I had to leave my local during Sunday’s match cos of the racist chanting at the players on the telly. I made a pathetic attempt to say something, but I was alone and so basically bottled it, drank up, and just left. […]

United 4 – 2 City

Thought for the day:

Chelsea vs United

 Tom (@tom_mcghee) Got to be honest, have no idea how this fixture exists – I mean he was ok in Cheers and admittedly brilliant as Frasier but 90 mins against a rejuvenated United? Can’t see it. Prediction: due to decimating injuries, 84-0 to United, De Gea scoring all goals with his face as we show […]

Time and Fruit: Further reading

Time and Fruit: Further reading

“From Street Urchin to Gold Medal: A Barrow Boy’s Story”   Michael Rolls (Picador, 1966)   Dominic Nozahic (@domnozahic)   The best books, I find, are ones that provoke you to dig deeper.  The great thing about great books is that not only will the surface level reading entice you and hold you in its […]

United vs City

Tom (@tom_mcghee) Something about football, lazy joke, Optimus Prime reference, obscure Mos Eisley reference, peas and carrots peas and carrots   My preview (if poss, no computer here innit) Lemon Cristal ***** Moonshine ***** Tangerine Dream *** Super Polm **** Lemon Haze Iso *****   Weed reviews go first, stupid data package f*cking it up […]

Massimo Taibi

Buying a rake.

United 3 - 1 Villa

United 3 – 1 Villa

Thought for the day: Better to have loved once, than to never have loved at all.

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