January 2017

Hull 1 - 1 United

Hull 1 – 1 United

The perfect end, to the perfect season. Thought for the Day: It’s the end of the season, but is it really the end of the season?

Hull vs United

Hull vs United

m  Benno (@Benglorious) Here we are again:  La pièce de résistance.  Così fan tutte.  Bodas de sangre.  Céad míle fáilte.  Vorsprung durch technik.  The meanings of all these phrases were lost with the destruction of Atlantis, but they still evoke feelings and stuff, sometimes towards football.  It’s been a long season, and it’s one I’m definitely […]

United 1 - 1 Arsenal

United 1 – 1 Arsenal

Thought for the Day: #Num63r5

Episode 8 – Owen Behaving Badly

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United vs Arsenal

m  Benno (@Benglorious) In lieu of a preview this week, I’m instead going to pay my respects to the best central midfielder the Premiership League has ever seen if you don’t count Keane, Scholes, Lampard, Vieira and Batty.  The platitudes have been coming thick and fast for Gerrard all week, so I thought I’d show […]



Crystal Palace 1 - 2 United

Crystal Palace 1 – 2 United

Jaun Direction. It doesn’t Mata. Mata-Ratsea. Mata-lan(d). Groot. Tree. etc.   Thought for the Day: Jaun Direction. It doesn’t Mata. Mata-Ratsea. Mata-lan(d). Groot. Tree. etc.

Crystal Palace vs United

Crystal Palace vs United

m  Benno (@Benglorious) What a week of stuff and things we’ve had in England.  Chelsea scored an overall majority of goals in the politics so the country’s screwed for five or two or one years maybe three but probably no more than fifteen, some Taurus won the Premiership League despite nobody in the whole of the […]

Footballiversity #6

Multiversity is an ongoing DC comics series written by Grant Morrison. Every month sees a story in a different version of the DC universe (eg kids of the well-known heroes who have nothing to do because their parents created a utopia where the bad guys can never win) loosely tied around a seemingly haunted comic […]

United 0 – 1 WBA

We really felt the Brunt of those White Boys with Attitude. idgi.   Thought for the Day: You can turn too many corners.

Eric Djemba-Djemba

Still scrubbing the Vicks out of that shirt.

United vs WBA

 Benno (@Benglorious) Half-five kick off today.  Why’s it not called “2.5” instead as a timesaver? (FYI: I had to check that sum with my old maths teacher this morning to distract him when he happened upon me using his toilet) I decided to try and find out: “Tom, who are we playing on Saturday?” “Erm, […]

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