June 2016

Liverpool 0 - 0 United

Liverpool 0 – 0 United

After all the pre-match hype, and all the talking up of the game before it happened, and all the big build up, Liverpool got the 0-0 thrashing they deserved. Paul Pogba once again proved tha haterz have some valid points with regards to his relative value. Ander Herethereandeverywhera more like.     Here’s 5 thingzies […]

B.N.A. Rama: De Gea

B.N.A. Rama: De Gea

Liverpool vs. United

Liverpool vs. United

 (@Benglorious) So glad we’ve got an easy game after the taxing international break. Statistics show that Liverpool are better than United at some things and worse than them at other things. The same statistics show that United are better than Liverpool at some things but worse than them at other things. Different statistics show that Liverpool […]

United 1 - 1 Stoke

United 1 – 1 Stoke

24 shots and one score. Not sure why people are disappointed. Sounds like a great party. Agent Hobo Chicken Fingerer Welsh Pirlo gave our boys one hell of a gingham pressing today. And as Sparky Marky Mark Hughesy Hughes said, it was totally utterly and thoroughly deserved. So it must be true. Cos he’s as […]

United vs. Stoke

United vs. Stoke

m  B&Q nominated for best dream about a talking raptor on a plane (@Benglorious) Stoke are 19th in the league, so they’re not the worst. United aren’t 1st in the league, so they’re not the best. Should be a good game. Unless it’s bad. What am I, preview guy? Anyway, I’m away all weekend leaving those […]

Bi-Mark: Footballiversity

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