Rob Wicke

As You Were

As You Were

If football is supposed to be the new religion then consider my allegiance with the church wafer thin. I’m that close to excommunication. My God has offered me very little to be pleased with: scandals, usury, censorship. Worst of all, the church I belong to has disgraced itself more than most. It is embarrassing watching […]

The Spirit of the Game

The Spirit of the Game

  A few years back I watched a cup match between Bristol City and Sheffield Wednesday and came to the conclusion that I could kick the ball up in the air and misplace passes and could run like Forest Gump, so why the flip wasn’t I playing out there? Obviously the scouting system in this […]

Liverpool's pair-shaped season

Liverpool’s pair-shaped season

Our new Bi-focal post series invites new regular(ish) contributor and  Liverpool fan (Boo, Hiss)  Rob Wicke to share his thoughts on the comatose giants we love to not like very much.     Ying-yang, heaven-hell, Barry Elliot-Paul Elliot and other dependent opposites have an important part to play in our understanding of the world. They […]

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