By a click of Paint: A real life grown up exhibition

This week has emerged from the backwaters of the Internet and taken up temporary residence in a real life Arts Space. Yes, you heard right – we’re inflicting some of this stuff on the unsuspecting public.

If you haven’t stalked me here yet, or more likely don’t have the inclination to, you might not know that I’m an artist. Not as if I’d ever be so crass as to refer to myself as such a thing … apart from just then, and when it suits me.

“That’s not art!” You might be screaming at the computer screen. “That’s just stuff done on Paint – really badly!” Or “They look more like terrible football parodies that everyone who thinks they’re funny does?!” All of which are valid observations.

My art work, in all its incarnations (it hasn’t always looked like this) has always been about questioning the way art communicates via its “own” verbal and non-verbal language; about its context, and about its inherent snobbery. The central theme being our relatedness. I’m very interested in how people don’t want to share things; they want things all to themselves. When they do choose to share, it’s with those who already share the same narrow viewpoint.

The parallels between art and football, with regards to language, context, snobbery and relatedness, are why I’m interested in combining the two. Although that’s not to say these parallels are specific to these particular institutions. I have been a student of both for a long time, so feel qualified to express a legitimate opinion on both; that’s my start point.

It’s about football, but it’s not about football. The subject matter could be anything, but the subject matter couldn’t be anything else either. My favourite fable is, The Emporer’s New Clothes. I also believe the pursuit of perceived perfection to be, in general, a narcissistic one.

I can’t guarantee any of the above won’t be sacrificed for the sake of a pun or punchline. What? I’m an Artist – your rules don’t apply.


Below is how the show looks through the medium of  Paint and then in reality.

Please feel free to visit vicariously through your ‘puter (It’s much less awkward than actually turning up in the flesh.)

And look someone has already been to visit! *Cough* Yeah, so what if it’s my girlfriend? I didn’t force her or nothing.

I then added to it…

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