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At Bifurcated we like to acknowledge creativity as an intrinsic part of life, and we also feel it’s important to democratise it. Art should be for all to enjoy. With this in mind, we are again cosying up with our very good friend Paul off of the Rant Cast (like we did for Little Drummer Eric) to celebrate our love of (O)RVP.

Paul has written a outstanding tribute song (as you’d expect) – which he is currently recording – and we would love it if you could help us make the video for it with your images and vocal outpourings!!

Paul has explained all this much better than I ever could, and how to submit your vocal warblings here

Whether you’re a bona fide artiste, or you’ve never lifted a creative finger in your life, we welcome you all!

Please do give it a go – what have you got to lose? 

You can send your pictures and images created in the medium of your choosing to: hello[at]bifurcated.co.uk

OR on Twitter: @bifurcated_mufc

Again, for those vocal submissions you need to visit Paul here

All submissions will be included.

There’s no such thing as a bad drawing or voice, only bad judgement.


OaRtVP: quick guide to a simple drawing

If there’s anyone out there who’s a bit reluctant to give it a go … here’s a couple of tips.

All you need is a piece of paper and a biro.

  • Find a picture of RVP and quickly measure out the dimensions of the face – I used my biro and fingers as “a ruler”, to illustrate you don’t need lots of equipment, but you can use a ruler obviously. Having taken the dimensions of the RVP image, map out the key points of his face (mouth, eyes, nose etc) on to your piece of paper. Getting the dimensions/perspective are reet important. It should look something like this. You can “map out” as many points as you like (the more the better).
  • Now simply join the dots you’ve mapped out and you now have yourself a “skeleton” of RVP’s face.
  • From there you can start adding details. I tend to think of details as shapes. I personally think if you think of an eyeball as a circle or an ear as a collection of lines it’s easier to realise them on the page.
  • Next step I usually go for is the eyes, as it helps it to feel more like a face. And then from there start going round the “skeleton” adding larger shapes (details).
  • RVP hasn’t got a “lot going on” on his face, so his hair is a key feature. On any drawing I do, I always try and get what I perceive to be the key features of a persons character as accurate as possible. That way you can get away with not being so accurate elsewhere.
  • I didn’t map out my picture very carefully and now I’m paying for it, as he looks a bit rounder in the face than he should. This is where shading helps (be careful, too much shading can look like make-up). I’ve added a little to define his cheek bones, which helps elongate the face.
  • I know I said just a biro and pen, but if you add a little bit of colour you can also enhance the drawing further.And it’s done! Okay, so it’s not the best drawing of RVP you’re likely to see, but the point of the exercise was to illustrate how quick and easy drawing can be. This took me much less than ten minutes. If I’d have been using a pencil, I would have been able to erase any little mistakes and with an extra ten minutes it might have even looked a bit like him!

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