Valentine’s Special: Deconstructing Danny … With Love.


Is the smile that you put on my face, by adding a colon and a dash, or no spaceĀ  : -D



That’s your rating: A-star at A-Level. The composure of Eric, and the soul of a Neville.



The Zs from ‘Zup Zup’, turned up on their side. Though no smuggled letters can deny you’re Dat Guy.



The catapult, aimed straight at my heart. Or a question for Moyes: ‘Y’ don’t you start (in your preferred position, as opposed to being shoved way out on the left, when you’ve proven on more than one occasion this season that when you actually start up-front you score goals)?


Red heart


Never lose when you’re in the side. Yeah, I’ve seen the statistics … whose poem is this?!



Only one ‘L’, where perhaps should be two?! Was that originally a typo? It really feels like there should be two.



You can be whoever you want. But best be yourself; identity theft is a crime.



The underwear I borrowed off your line. There was really no needĀ to get the police involved.


You probably wouldn’t want them back now.

Red heart

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