Andy Carroll

United vs. Newcastle

United vs. Newcastle

    (@Benglorious) Prediction: I’d sit in my dressing gown personally. M  (@tom_mcghee) Also, I will probably not do words today as the game is at 5:30 and this is the one day I have to myself so I’m just going to sit in my dressing down. Prediction: all day smoking/drinking everything I can find also fuck the […]

Newcastle United 1 - 0 United

Newcastle United 1 – 0 United

This game brought to mind that famous trip to the toon, when Cantona shanked a scrappy away goal, after we’d played so bad in a really poor game minus the goal and plus one for them and Eric is young and ginger and also plays for them, and the goal is better and from a […]

EFLC: United vs. West Ham

EFLC: United vs. West Ham

 (@Benglorious) Coming out the slums, it’s the hoodlums. I’m pulling my gat out on all you bums. So bring it on when you want to come fight this outlaw, kicking like Billy Ray Cypress Hill. Chill, I’ll bust that grill, grab my gat and load up the steel. And if you want to get drastic […]

West Ham vs United

West Ham vs United

Benno (@Benglorious) Poor old Ander Herrera.  First, Vangle calls him a nice guy and then says he’s a great player.  The guy can’t catch a break.  Anyone would think there’s better players ahead of him in the team rather than football-related legal issues that could be damaging to United in the future.  My advice to […]

West Ham 2 - 2 United

West Ham 2 – 2 United

TV is back!!!!!! Come on. He’s so back. He’s backer than a backy thing. I mean, what an explosive finish!!!!! … Okay, before the goal and even arguably during and immediately after the goal it was TV  V.2013 … BUT in the second half there were things like crosses – accurate ones too -, runs […]

Hodgson's Fables: The Blindman and The Lame

Hodgson’s Fables: The Blindman and The Lame


Be careful what you wish for: Rooney's "Samson" moment

Be careful what you wish for: Rooney’s “Samson” moment


England 2 - 1 Ukraine

England 2 – 1 Ukraine

I’m not really sure if there is much to be excited about for this game … NOT! Guess who’s back, back again, guess who’s back, guess who’s back, guess who’s back, guess who’s back etc… (repeat to fade) I was singing, you don’t need to guess. (If you didn’t guess Rooney then you probably need […]

Roy's selection headache ahead of the Ukraine game.

Roy’s selection headache ahead of the Ukraine game.

Sweden 2 - 3 England

Sweden 2 – 3 England

Cometh the hour (60th minute substitution), Cometh the manchild(?!)(I’ll work on it). Tis always extra special to see a substitute in a major tournament make such an impact.  Nicer still when it’s England, speaking for myself of course. Am I allowed to claim my prediction of 1-2 with Carroll and Milner scoring (1-3 if Danny […]

Sweden 1 - 2 England

Sweden 1 – 2 England

As you may have already read on this site, I was a big fan of the way England approached the France game and am really excited to see how we develop through the tournament. We will no doubt see a lot more of what this squad of players can offer in an attacking sense today and so it’s […]

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