West Brom vs. United

West Brom vs. United

 (@Benglorious) I’m guessing there’s some more football on today. There’s always football. Was gonna write about that Star Wars thing but I’m pretty sure Tom wants to spoil that for Paul. I enjoyed the PIEEW-PIEEW guns and the VWOMM-VWOMMM stick the most. Rojo penalised.   Prediction: Me to never use any lyrics by Brett for […]

Hull City 0 - 1 United

Hull City 0 – 1 United

We haven’t witnessed scenes like this at the Cake-Con Stadium since ‘Cake-Con ’03’ and the scenes with the cake and the scenes. In. Cred. Ib. Hull. Scenes. That’s mine. You can use that to make new friends in awkward social situations. Aka Brett’s life. Rashdawg utilised a loophole in matchday squad/substitution administration to circumvent Jose’s ageist […]

United vs. Spurs

United vs. Spurs

Wm m NEW SEASON, NEW LOOK BIFURCATED avatars M  Benno (@Benglorious) Mere time units since some no-mark team from some overrated city lifted the Premiership League trophy, we’re here again for yet another season of this game that you all love so dearly.  When will it all end? Some old players have left, some new ones […]

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