Swansea 1 - 3 United

Swansea 1 – 3 United

United RE-LIT THE MATCH of title challenges, with a ROCKET from Pogba and a couple of SPARKLERS from Zlatan, and a FIRE performance that would have made Guy Fawkes proud. Except they completed what they set out to do. Although in conceding a goal in the second half, they actually were getting quite close to the […]

EL: Fenerbahce vs. United

EL: Fenerbahce vs. United

 (@Benglorious) Fuck. Forgot we were playing.    (@tom_mcghee) I did not forget I just cba. It’s our professionalism that separates us from our peers. Copy and paste the last Fenerbahce one for us? Thanks guys, you’re the best (worst). m   (@ttackattackattack) Lol my internet has been broke all day.  

United 4 - 1 Fenerbahce

United 4 – 1 Fenerbahce

Wayne “Roondawg, Skipperdy-Skip-Skip, Capper-Roo” Rooney returned to the first team and inspired a resounding victory against one of Europe’s averagest teams, who could make Dundee United look like 1990’s Ajax. And made everyone look relatively great again, in a competition that defies context, meaning, or worth. Great times. Paul Pogba, the second best of all […]

United Vs Fenerbahce

United Vs Fenerbahce

 (@Benglorious) Spent all day looking for a fucking drawing of Van Persie that some prick drew, only for the other prick, Bret to come along and steal all the picture-finding glory because he had it locked away in his own personal wankbank. I still have no idea why he even needs a picture of Robin […]

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