West Ham 0 - 0 United

West Ham 0 – 0 United

JFC, STILL ONE MORE GAME TO GO! KILL ME! NOW! PLEASE! Here’s 5 things we learned: 1. Football is a great game. I love it so much. 2. It is the greatest game and I love it. 3. More like Mark IG-Noble !! 4. More like IDGI-Noble !! 5. I love football more than all […]

CL: United vs. Benfica

CL: United vs. Benfica

    (@Benglorious) Having not watched the Spurs game due to being roped in to building some decking with the worst hangover of my adult life, I don’t feel I am in a position to comment on United’s form going into this Champions League match. Prediction: We will fucking crush Benfica and make their six […]

Bifourthplacated Season Review

Bifourthplacated Season Review

(Bifurcated – (n. adj. adv. v.) To half-arse something to the point of it being one-hundredth of a fourteenth of an arse and therefore of little consequence to anybody, alive or dead.) IT’S FINALLY OVER!!  NO MORE FOOTBALL EXCEPT THE CHAMPIONS LEAGUE FINAL AND THE WOMEN’S WORLD CUP WHICH WE LOVE AND THE COPA AMERICA […]

Footballiversity #5

Multiversity is an ongoing DC comics series written by Grant Morrison. Every month sees a story in a different version of the DC universe (eg kids of the well-known heroes who have nothing to do because their parents created a utopia where the bad guys can never win) loosely tied around a seemingly haunted comic […]

FAC: United 1 - 2 Arsenal

FAC: United 1 – 2 Arsenal

Nothing obliterates the myth that modern footballers “do their homework” in state of the art video suites more, than Ashley Young’s trick still beating any amount of full backs than is reasonable. They’re playing Daley Thompson on their Sinclair Spectrums, like the rest of us. p.s Down with the return of Ashley Young’s tendrils and […]

Bi-Mark: Footballiversity

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