CC: United 2 - 2 Derby

CC: United 2 – 2 Derby

Great to see we avoided defeat at OT. Here’s 5 things we learned: 1. Sometimes you just have to call a draw a draw. 2. What penalties?!  

CC: United vs Derby

CC: United vs Derby

(@Benglorious) Couldn’t.    (@tom_mcghee) Care. m (@bifurcated_utd) Less.

United vs Arsenal

m  Benno (@Benglorious) In lieu of a preview this week, I’m instead going to pay my respects to the best central midfielder the Premiership League has ever seen if you don’t count Keane, Scholes, Lampard, Vieira and Batty.  The platitudes have been coming thick and fast for Gerrard all week, so I thought I’d show […]

The Premier League Water Fall Out Reaches Boiling Point.

The Premier League Water Fall Out Reaches Boiling Point.

The Premier League could soon be left drowning its sorrows, as Water threatens to put the freeze on their long standing relationship.   The world was left to drink in the shock waves this week, as images emerged of highly acclaimed, and universally renowned The Premier League manager, Neil Warnock, being left humiliated by a […]

When it comes to penalties

When it comes to penalties

I’ve just had a quick scan through the laws of the game and noticed that penalty shoot-out penalties are not actually referred to as penalties, as we all tend to do, they are in fact “kicks from the penalty mark”. It’s all gone a bit Tannoy/loud speaker system, Hoover/vacuum hasn’t it?! However, I’m not sure I’d side with the purveyors […]

Sweden 1 - 2 England

Sweden 1 – 2 England

As you may have already read on this site, I was a big fan of the way England approached the France game and am really excited to see how we develop through the tournament. We will no doubt see a lot more of what this squad of players can offer in an attacking sense today and so it’s […]

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