EL: Liverpool 2 - 0 United

EL: Liverpool 2 – 0 United

Good sulks, Sulks.

EL: Liverpool vs United

 Benno (@Benglorious)   Another one of your ill-timed jokes? You and I are enemies now.   Ruddy love Thursday night football – The sound of the crowd, the smell of the bread, the vast selection of fruit and vegetables, the surprisingly excellent array of electrical goods… No, wait – that’s Sainsbury’s. I ruddy love Sainsbury’s. Thursday […]

Liverpool 0 – 1 United

Marryone and Roonskiparinhoaldoski keep the march to successfulness victorious victory alive and banging, with the old one two how’s your grandma glorious boom times while instantaneously elevating themselves above the aboveness that they’d already elevated themselves above in the past, present and future. Klopp can take his gangnamstyle and go and get his coat on […]

Liverpool vs. United

Liverpool vs. United

m  Benno (@Benglorious) To take my mind off the football I’m currently watching Making a Murderer. If this show had been one of those schlocky American 1-hour specials nobody would be talking about it, but spread it out over ten shows on a paid subscription service and suddenly it’s the greatest crime show there’s ever been. […]

United 3 - 1 Liverpool

United 3 – 1 Liverpool

Manchester United vs. Liverpool 12/9/15 (3-1) Five things we learned after match we done: 1. Smoking kills 2. But not right away 3. Apart from in a house fire  

United vs Liverpool

United vs Liverpool

z z  Benno (@Benglorious) Dave signs a new contract after flirting with another team and the world goes nuts, yet Rooney scores fifty goals against San Marino and he’s a fraud. A fake footballer’s shirt is exhibited in a museum to show the dangers of becoming a parody of yourself and one person cares, yet a […]

Swansea vs United

Swansea vs United

.  Benno (@Benglorious) Liverpool are funny. Not funny like a clown because clowns are winners. m   Opposition summary:  Research shows that Swansea are not from Belgium. Further research shows that they are something of a “bogey team” for Vangle. Further further research would tell me what “bogey team” means but they don’t call me […]

Footballiversity #9

Multiversity was a DC comics series written by Grant Morrison. Every month saw a story loosely tied around a seemingly haunted comic book. Footballiversity and the various numbered Footballiverses are a shameless rip-off of the comics device (found elsewhere too, of course) of using parallel universes when you have nothing else to write about, and […]

Liverpool 1 – 2 United

Liverpool Rob (I didn’t know the Spanish had a thing for collecting stamps. It was an intriguing match where both teams struggled to create good scoring opportunities, both worked hard to find space and to close it down. Boring to a neutral, frustrating to a fan. I’m going to state the obvious here, for the […]

Liverpool vs United

Liverpool Rob Now it may come as some surprise to you to read that I like to see Man U lose. Indeed, that’s the main reason I’ve watched so many Utd matches these past couple of years. I’ve probably seen more Utd games than Brett. But that’s nothing to brag about round ‘ere. At the […]

United vs Spurs

United vs Spurs

Benno (@Benglorious) To the lads; Hotel is amazing. Weather is brilliant. Went snorkelling today and saw a big ray thing. What was the score in the Arsenal game? Hope Angel did the business after my amazing preview. Did you know that they play football here in Jamaica but they use a smaller ball and hit […]

Footballiversity #2

Multiversity is an ongoing DC comics series written by Grant Morrison. Every month sees a story in a different version of the DC universe (eg the kids of the well-known heroes who have nothing to do because their parents created a utopia where the bad guys can never win) loosely tied around a seemingly haunted […]

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