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FAC: United 4 - 0 Reading

FAC: United 4 – 0 Reading

In years from now you’ll be able to tell your grandkids, “I was there!!” A goalscoring feat that we’ll be talking about for generations to come. Cementing one of United’s GOAT’s Hammerlegend status. One of those goalden moments… January 7th, 2017: Marcus Rashford with YET ANOTHER one-yard smash. Nothing else of note happened.   Here’s […]

Everton vs. United

Everton vs. United

¬†(@Benglorious) Conspiracy theories¬†are as much a part of human existence as hair and the films of Adam Sandler. From the assassination of JFK to the rise of the Lizard People, from Elvis being alive to the moon landing being faked, proponents of these theories have long been dismissed as ‘unstable’ and ‘crackpot’. Until now. I’m […]

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