United vs. WBA

United vs. WBA

(@Benglorious) It’s been so long since I watched any football that wasn’t full of broken legs and weird statues that I’m actually looking forward to watching the game today. Any spare tickets? I also need a lift and accommodation. And spending money. www.patreon.com/bifurcated m m Prediction: With Jones out, injured by Smalling, and Smalling out, […]

United 2 – 0 WBA

It was literally, metaphorically, and literally raining Premier League goals at Ol’ T at the weekend, as not one but two drops condensed from the dark clouds of the previous baron years. Even more exciting was the sight of Captain Evaporation being subbed off; 3 years after old father time had held up the metaphorical, […]

United vs WBA

United vs WBA

   Benno (@Benglorious) In a classic case of life imitating darts, Brett hasn’t written his thing yet so I can’t steal any of his stuff. To make matters even more like that thing I said in the first sentence, Tom hasn’t written anything since the incident so there’s no chance of me even poncing one […]

United 0 – 1 WBA

We really felt the Brunt of those White Boys with Attitude. idgi.   Thought for the Day: You can turn too many corners.

United vs WBA

 Benno (@Benglorious) Half-five kick off today.  Why’s it not called “2.5” instead as a timesaver? (FYI: I had to check that sum with my old maths teacher this morning to distract him when he happened upon me using his toilet) I decided to try and find out: “Tom, who are we playing on Saturday?” “Erm, […]

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