Wolves 2 - 1 United

Wolves 2 – 1 United

Here’s 5 things we learned: 1. Told you.

Wolves vs. United

Wolves vs. United

We saw this game last week *spoiler alert* we lost 2-1.

FAC: Wolves 2 - 1 United

FAC: Wolves 2 – 1 United

Who knew predicting results after the game would prove so successful?!

FAC: Wolves vs. United

FAC: Wolves vs. United

If we’re writing this prediction after the game, we know it has ended 2-1. Mavericks.

United 1 - 1 Wolves

United 1 – 1 Wolves

Proof if were needed that we are exactly the same as City. They drew 1-1 with Wolves. We drew 1-1 with Wolves. The same. Exactly the same. Same. The English Premier League Table needs to get it’s act together and sort it out. SAME. Here’s another 5 things we learned: 1. I very legit cannot […]

United vs. Wolves

United vs. Wolves

  (@Benglorious)  (@tom_mcghee) Can’t do words today pals please make up some. Although I don’t think Wolves should be allowed to be football unfair on both sides imho Be football? I’d’ve said ‘play football’ makes more sense that way imho you bald cunt Though kicking wolves around for 90 minutes would be unfair too Don’t […]

Wolves 0 - 5 United

Wolves 0 – 5 United

Only one thing to say … T.V What would we do without him. Actually, don’t answer that it was a rhetorical question anyway, I’ve seen what we do without him and it’s upsetting.

United 4 - 1 Wolves

United 4 – 1 Wolves

Thank Fergie for that! Just the kind of result SAF would have been demanding from us. A very very good result and the kind of performance that doesn’t leave you sulking for a few days. Really happy Rooney got a couple and Nani’s been threatening to get amongst it for a couple of games. The […]

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