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Benno (@Benglorious)


Benno was born to Mr and Mrs Glorious in the year of his birth. ┬áHe loved football from a very early age until it was pointed out to him that real football did not involve fire and neighbour’s pets. Disappointed, he turned to golf.








Brett (@bifurcated_mufc)

Yes and no.





Tom (@tom_mcghee)

Born in 1886 on the Howlett Estate in Alberta Canada, much of Tom’s early life remains shrouded in mystery; a sickly child prone to allergies, little is known of his childhood before his arrival at the Yukon mining territories, where he soon became a valued and well liked member of that small community. As well as a champion cage fighter.

Later, after stints as both a 1940s archaeologist and Corellian Space Pirate, he settled down in Essex where he continues to paint watercolours and study fly-fishing.


Konny (@Konnanov)

Konny is a musician, singer/songwriter and fan of Manchester United.

He also dabbles in impressions every now and then, his most notable currently is the former United legend, Michael Owen.

Other impressions are available, he also does a ‘pretty spot on’ Steve McDonald from Corrie.





Old Friends…



After building the site and doing a couple of posts went A.W.O.L as a “new dad” – never even had the time to write this.






Liverpool Rob

Liverpool fan Rob, our once-in-a-can-be-bothered contributor, is our voice on all things Liverpool – hence the name. If Brett says anything clever about tactics and that, it’s most likely stolen from Rob on the park bench the night before.




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