January 2017

Who's Bad? Why Hargreaves won't fit in at City.

Who’s Bad? Why Hargreaves won’t fit in at City.

As the mass populous of football fans, primarily United ones,  whip themselves in to a vitriolic frenzy about the potential move of Owen Hargreaves to Manchester City we at Bifurcated have decided to look at things with a bit more clarity…through the eye of mathematics. Armed with two (TWO!) sheets of graph paper, a permanent […]

A Tale of two Owens

Michael Owen’s arrival at United was a kick in the teeth for Liverpool fans. ABUs laughed at the signing of a player considered way past his prime. And that was after laughing at the brochure he had made to parade his abilities around boardrooms up and down the country. Now another Owen, this time an […]

United 8-2 Arsenal

United 8-2 Arsenal

For this one maybe the scoreline tells you all you need to know… But I may aswell add a bit. As I have highlighted in the post ‘Venga. Venga, Wenger’ Arsenal and Arsene have problems (some will be addressed in the transfer market). So, it’s hard to gauge how much this result really reflects how […]

United 4 – 0 Arsenal

Yep! You heard right. Arsenal are struggling and though this is a ridiculous score to suggest I think if the planets allign and De Gea doesn’t have his head in the clouds, then it’s possible. Goals: A superbly taken work of art from Chicha, a pen from  Wazza, a belter from Ando and a header […]

Venga, Venga, Wenger!

Venga, Venga, Wenger!

I don’t like Arsene Wenger. I never did. The way he carries himself looks uneasy and cold to me. I feel he reserves his smiles for the occasions when he makes a particularly smug retort to the press. Whilst the Arsenal players drench each other in champagne (remember those heady days), Arsene seems to prefer […]

United 3-0 Spurs!

United 3-0 Spurs!

Well, well, well not many teams will beat Spurs 3-0 this season. Yes, they had a few players missing but so you could argue did we. Ando’s goal (including the build up) was a beauty. Great for De Gea to get a clean sheet too! Man of the Match: Jones.

United 1-0 Spurs

Every now and again a game comes along and everyone says, “There’s absolutely no way this game is not going to be full of spectacular goals galore”…And then the game is a 0-0. I feel like this could be one of those, although as i never predict anything but a win for United (biased remember), […]

'In a Word'...

‘In a Word’…

To launch our brand new feature ‘In a word’… and to welcome in the new season we’ve invited some of our favourite bloggers and writers from the Twitterverse to give us some one word answers to some one word questions. We’ve decided to present some of the answers in a ‘game show’ setting. Oooh infact […]

WBA 1 – 2 United

The match started precisely how I imagined it would, and seamlessly from the kind of form we were showing in preseason. It’s so often the case, though, that spurned chances result in the other team making their way back into the game, and who wouldn’t have put the weekly wage on Nani burying his chances […]

West Brom 1-2 United

West Brom 1-2 United

This start of the season has come around frighteningly quick. (If you took a recording of me at this point in time every year, you’d probably hear me saying the same thing…that kids is because I’m an old git, this is how I function. I am constantly baffled and at odds with how the world […]

Player Of The Season 2012: Anderson.

Player Of The Season 2012: Anderson.

Is it a Bird?… No, he’s just got braided hair you bigot! Is it a plane? … Well, he’s carrying a bit of extra cargo. and in some areas he’s first class (?!) … NO! It’s Anderson Luís de Abreu Oliveira. Anderson. Ando. Player of the season 2012. My hero *swoon*. I tried calling Paddy […]

The Young One...

The Young One…

Some players need a club that matches their playing ethos to reach the pinnacle of their footballing powers, but more, they need a club that matches their ambition and ego before they really flourish. A recent example of this being Eric, who although was very good at Leeds, took his individual performance level to somewhere […]

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