January 2017

United 1 – 0 Stoke

Not sure how we’ll react to Saturday’s result. Feel like we should go on and stuff em, because we played so well and started to look like Champions in stages of that game. But with the disappointment of the result and the manner it came it could well leave us with a bit of a ‘hangover’. […]

Liverpool 2 - 1 United

Liverpool 2 – 1 United

Well, result aside, the most important bit which is a shame, I thought we were by far the better team for about 99% of the game. Their biggest threat was De Gea, not that that’s intended to mean I blame him for the result in any way.  I thought the reason we lost was because […]

Liverpool 2 – 3 United

Got a good feeling that the relief of getting this fixture underway after all the endless talk will in some way emancipate the players and we’ll end up with an absolute scorcher. For a few of my thoughts on it all, there’s this: On the Suarez Ban Still don’t think Liverpool are strong enough to […]

Red Fergie's Bife Stories: Steph Doehler

Red Fergie’s Bife Stories: Steph Doehler

After the record amount of complaints (since records began) to ofcom with regards to the recently aired ‘The Z Factor: The Final’, we at the Bi-Player channel would like to take this opportunity to point the finger of blame entirely and unequivocally in the direction of Malcolm Glazer and Red Fergie. Thank you. Now, as scheduled we […]

Arsenal 1 - 2 United

Arsenal 1 – 2 United

I hope it hasn’t escaped your attention that I got the score correct for the umpteenth time this season. Maybe I should become a super-hero and set about solving match fixing whodunnits…THE GAMBLOR!! The game was unlitmately settled on the substitutions, but I thought we shouldn’t have let it get to that point without being […]

Arsenal 1 – 2 United

I hate making predictable predictions. I always feel I should throw a couple of noughts on the end or something. It’s just in an unpredictable season even the predictable becomes, well unpredictable. Arsenal have had a bit of revival since the last time we met, but only really down to RVP. I still think that […]



As part of a new series and feature, Bi-Literal, we are inviting writers and creative types to submit their short stories, poems and prose with a football theme. Here’s the first one in the series by Jayne Marshall (contains strong language). ‘Is this your real phone-number?’ Of course it is, I think.  Before I have […]

United 3 - 0 Bolton

United 3 – 0 Bolton

It’s days like this that remind me why I love football. Okay, the performance wasn’t great but Scholesy scoring on his Premier League comeback is the really effed up bit, the talking point, the best bit. The brilliant bit. Bit concerned with Wazza’s growing ineptitude from the spot. Not sure who I trust above him either. […]

Misnomers, Misdemeanors, EPL, O.T: Get Ur Freak On

Misnomers, Misdemeanors, EPL, O.T: Get Ur Freak On

Oi! Everything! Yeah, you Everything, I’m talking to you … pipe down at the back Something Else and you, Another Thing.  Put your hand down, this isn’t an open forum, or ruddy show and tell.  Look , Everything just stop happening for a one lousy second … thank you. Okay, now, I was doing this introduction to this post that […]

United 2 – 0 Bolton

It’s mad to be strangely looking forward to Scholesy making his Premier League return. (SAF seems to be getting a little bit angry, which can only be a good thing.) Still haven’t managed to work out exactly how I feel about it. For now part excited, part embarrassed. Everything considered this should be a comfortable […]

City 2 - 3 United

City 2 – 3 United

I love football, but today is going to take a bit of time to sink in. Scholesy is back, not sure If I even know what I think that means yet entirely. We beat City but tried our best to lose it by being sloppy. Great goals from Rooney and Welbeck and T.V was back to […]

City 2 – 3 United

When this fixture was drawn out of the hat (ball bank, whatever) I earmarked it, I guess with a lot of others,  as a potential game for us to use to turn the psychological tide in the title race. Since then though, our form has been so erratic (as has City’s to a much lesser […]

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