January 2017

United 4 - 1 Villa

United 4 – 1 Villa

“It can only get worse”, said Bifurcated David earlier this week – after that derby – and he might be right. He usually is … when he copies what I say, but as I don’t really listen to him when he’s talking about his own opinions, I’m not sure what his track record is like. […]

United vs Villa

  Ben (Benglorious): Just a short one today as I’ve got a lot of flight checks to go through before my trip over M16 this afternoon. Prediction: Robin hat-trick to make it mathematically impossible for City to catch us and clinch our 20th title. 1-0 Villa. About the author: I’ve never actually flown a plane […]

Alex Ferguson: My Autobiography

Alex Ferguson: My Autobiography

All you need to know about this book is conveyed by the choice of titles for the chapters. This is a different book if released at a later date. A better book. A much better book. Yep, that’s it. I already said the bit about the chapters. That really is it.

United 0 - 3 City

United 0 – 3 City

If Moyes was trying to upset me, then he was going about it in exactly the right way in attempting to replace Carrick with Tony in the opening ten minutes. Carrick was injured, so potentially needed replacing – I get that – but why not bring on Fletcher? In readying Tony, Moyes gave one of […]

United vs City

United vs City

  Ben (Benglorious): For starters, why are they called ‘City’?  They don’t have a cathedral as far as I can remember, just a stadium that nobody can spell the name of.  Regardless of their glaring misnomer, they’re still a team to fear:  literally banging in more goals than West Ham and with far fewer defensive […]

West Ham 0 - 2 United

West Ham 0 – 2 United

  Whisper it quietly – not just because of that goal* – Rooney looks like he’s actually starting to enjoy playing for us a again. Who’d have thought it? WHO?! I want names and numbers!! ANSWER ME?! Two wins in a row. We’re practically back to our best. Because it was MY BIRTHDAY – I […]

West Ham vs United

West Ham vs United

Ben (Benglorious): What a week, eh?  Finally got confirmation about my new flat and also going to save one whole pence off every pint I don’t buy.  Oh, and United somehow remembered that they were United and well and truly spanked those Greeks to earn a clash against some no-mark German team in the next […]

CL: United (3) 3 - 0 (2) Olympiacos

CL: United (3) 3 – 0 (2) Olympiacos

Bifurcated David texted me at the end of the first half to say: That’s my team. *Yeah, no kisses again. Noted.

CL: United (0) vs Olympiacos (2)

Ben (Benglorious): Here we are at last.  The defining match of our pitiful season, 2-0 down to arguably the weakest team left in the Champions League.  I say “arguably” simply because that’s the done thing and I can’t bring myself to say that actually we’re the weakest team left.  Unarguably. We all know Moyes won’t […]

The Chosen One: United vs The Mighty Boosh

The Chosen One: United vs The Mighty Boosh

United 0 - 3 Liverpool

United 0 – 3 Liverpool

I watched this game through the medium of text messages; primarily from Liverpool Rob. And so if the Pool’s Panel would like to take into account my text score against Rob (with the best text being equal to one English Premier League goal) – and I think as David Moyes pointed out it suggests somethings […]

United vs Liverpool

United vs Liverpool

  Liverpool Rob: Usually I steer well clear of Brett’s advances around this peculiarity in the football calendar. If he gets hold of me he asks me out on a date to watch the match, because, well, we’re friends and it doesn’t matter who wins (or loses). This year I’m happy to put that theory […]

Bi-Mark: Footballiversity

Bi-Benno: Where Are They Right Now..?

Bi-Konny: Michael Owen Reads Mean Tweets...