January 2017

United 2 – 1 Blackburn

This game could easily turn out to be the epitome of kicking the injured kitten while it’s licking it’s wounds. I feel for Steve Kean, he really doesn’t seem to be blessed with any kind of luck. Hopefully though the bit they got against Liverpool at the weekend means they’ve used it up for now. I […]

Case File #2: Dial M for Micky.

Case File #2: Dial M for Micky.

He may no longer play for United, but we have managed to get our grubby little hands on the archived, top-secret, investigations he undertook while he was still under our employment… After plying his trade in Europe’s shanty town, Liverpool, Micky Owen spent most of his investigative career embroiled in English and Spanish gambling cartels. […]

Not A Rant: On the Suarez ban.

Not A Rant: On the Suarez ban.

Racism is an entirely socially, politically, culturally constructed ill of society. We are all one race. The Human Race. There are no such thing as different races. Our ancestors are the same. The colour of our skin is a consequence of the environment we inhabit. Racism will never be eradicated as we place too much […]

United 5 - 0 Wigan

United 5 – 0 Wigan

Hands up who thought we’d be joint top having won the past two games 5-0? Personally, because I never learn, I thought we’d be consigning the first team squad to the glue factory by the new year. I know I always like to be positive and always am…I still must admit to feeling a bit […]

Zidane: A 21st Century Portrait (2006)

Zidane: A 21st Century Portrait (2006)

A squillion synchronised cameras all trained on Zinedine Zidane – what’s not to like?! The directors, Douglas Gordon and Philippe Parreno, I think, are attempting to address the awkward question of Football as Art? And they certainly put Football in its best clothes. But suitably lo-fi soundtracks (provided by purveyors of the craft Mogwai) and […]

The Referees (2010)

The Referees (2010)

Y’see what Eric Cardot, Lehericey Delphine and Yves Hinant have done here is direct an incredibly understated and articulate documentary that has changed my perception of refereeing for good (not to say I was mean about them anyway). Not bad, hey? From the ‘celebrity’ lifsetyle enjoyed by some, to the euphoria of a good reffing, […]

United 4 – 2 Wigan

Got a feeling that Wigan will surprise everyone by having a real good go which will make for a proper game. Great that Phil Jones is available. Hope Berba gets a run (You could copy and paste that from previous pre-match things I’ve done…I love him, so sue me.) I fookin love football over Christmas! […]

Fulham 0 - 5 United

Fulham 0 – 5 United

That’s the way uh huh, uh huh, I like it (leave me alone it’s Christmas!). Can’t really have many complaints, (although haven’t seen whole match so maybe we can?) Nani starting to really hurt teams again. TV edging nearer top gear and Rooney scoring a proper goal. And the cherry on the top with a […]

Christmas Special: Fairytale of (name removed on legal advice)

Christmas Special: Fairytale of (name removed on legal advice)

It’s not just Christmas for us fans, NO! It’s also the Christmas party season for those little adorable angels employed by our favourite Premier League clubs!    **********   To get you feeling all snuggly warm and Christmassy, here’s a special rendition of a Christmas classic sung by two ex-Manchester United players whose on field partnership […]

Fulham 1 – 3 United

Craven Cottage has in recent times seemed a slightly tricky place for us to go to and I always feel like we don’t like playing smaller grounds where the pitch is close to the stands…This is of course not based on any facts, just a personal feeling I get. Also I like Martin Jol and […]

QPR 0 - 2 United

QPR 0 – 2 United

That’s getting a bit more like what we like. Well don’t want to speak for you lot. That’s what I like to see. A comfortable, if unspectacular, win. Of course I prefer spectacular but after the run of performances we’ve put in recently, a nice calm win is encouraging. Finally the main man Tony V […]

QPR 1 – 2 United

A not particularly inspiring prediction… Hopefully we can kick on from last weeks result and performance and start putting real pressure on City. I like the fact we play first. Goals: Berba and TV.

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