January 2017

Pirlo didn't just ruin my Summer...

Pirlo didn’t just ruin my Summer…

England 0 - 0 Italy

England 0 – 0 Italy

The day after the night before and I started clearing the inbox on my phone. The friends who were sending text messages with 4-0 and 6-0 predictions at kick off, by the end were almost threatening to “top themselves”. I wasn’t really prepared to be witnessing a loss, so was saved from wallowing in defeat, […]

England 3 - 1 Italy

England 3 – 1 Italy

Even though I’ve predicted 3 – 1, I expect, as we all do, this to be a very tight game. The goals that win England the game, I’m predicting to come towards the very end of the match, possibly in extra time. Gerrard, from a position of just quietly getting on with it, suddenly has […]

Be careful what you wish for: Rooney's "Samson" moment

Be careful what you wish for: Rooney’s “Samson” moment


When it comes to penalties

When it comes to penalties

I’ve just had a quick scan through the laws of the game and noticed that penalty shoot-out penalties are not actually referred to as penalties, as we all tend to do, they are in fact “kicks from the penalty mark”. It’s all gone a bit Tannoy/loud speaker system, Hoover/vacuum hasn’t it?! However, I’m not sure I’d side with the purveyors […]

Ssssshhhh ... It's a Euro 2012 conspiracy!

Ssssshhhh … It’s a Euro 2012 conspiracy!


England 1 - 0 Ukraine

England 1 – 0 Ukraine

Who’d have thunk it?! By far the most pleasing aspect of last night’s result is topping the group and going on to play Italy in the quarter finals (Balotelli is one of their star players, how good can they really be … seriously). On the ghost goal … IT WAS OFFSIDE!!! Rooney’s BIG comeback was […]

No more curses, crying and a carrying on (for now)

No more curses, crying and a carrying on (for now)

The 1990 World Cup: a significant tournament in the bookmarking of some of England’s enduring imagery. Penalties, tears and John Barnes rap aside, one incident inparticular, during the semi-final against Germany, has, I think, been the one to have cast the darkest and spindliest of shadows over subsequent national players. But, oh how we larfed, until we […]

England 2 - 1 Ukraine

England 2 – 1 Ukraine

I’m not really sure if there is much to be excited about for this game … NOT! Guess who’s back, back again, guess who’s back, guess who’s back, guess who’s back, guess who’s back etc… (repeat to fade) I was singing, you don’t need to guess. (If you didn’t guess Rooney then you probably need […]

Roy's selection headache ahead of the Ukraine game.

Roy’s selection headache ahead of the Ukraine game.

Sweden 2 - 3 England

Sweden 2 – 3 England

Cometh the hour (60th minute substitution), Cometh the manchild(?!)(I’ll work on it). Tis always extra special to see a substitute in a major tournament make such an impact.  Nicer still when it’s England, speaking for myself of course. Am I allowed to claim my prediction of 1-2 with Carroll and Milner scoring (1-3 if Danny […]

Sweden 1 - 2 England

Sweden 1 – 2 England

As you may have already read on this site, I was a big fan of the way England approached the France game and am really excited to see how we develop through the tournament. We will no doubt see a lot more of what this squad of players can offer in an attacking sense today and so it’s […]

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