January 2017

CL: United vs VFL Wolfsburg

CL: United vs VFL Wolfsburg

 Benno (@Benglorious) It would appear I hadn’t fixed my computer as well as I thought I had this lunchtime. I’m doing my words now but I’m cutting it very close. Yours twos had better be good cos I’ve got nothing lol. Prolly have to use an old pic, the Basti one cos of the Germans. […]

United 3 – 0 Sunderland

Mata, Depay and Roonaldo single-handedly dragged Vangle’s army to the top of the charts, as the other Manchester were distracted and confused by Liverpool becoming the new Spurs and forgetting that the old Spurs are still the old Spurs and not Liverpool or the new Sp etc Here’s 5 things what we learnED: 1. The […]

Sunderland vs United

Sunderland vs United

m m  Benno (@Benglorious)   I’ve never been to Sunderland. Or have I? Think about that one while you’re illegally streaming the game probably. m Opposition summary: Sunderland used to be known as the Rokermen because their stadium was called Roker Park. Now, they play at the Stadium of Light and are therefore called the […]

Michael Owen Reads Mean Tweets: Euro Special!

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LC: United 3 – 0 Ipswich

Pereira steals the show with a swag bag made from lightning shootering boots. Meanwhile back on planet earth, another score for Mar Seal and even Skipper Roo gets his name amongst the scorings with his first goal since the 1986 World Cup Quarter Finals when Gary Linekar pointed out he was crying… Here’s 5 things […]

Southampton 2 – 3 United

Mar Seal did a two goals and Murder bludgeoned another, handing bread face his crust in his hands… Here’s 5 things we’ve learnt: 1) Up-fronterers ARE allowed to score the net points. 2) Vangle is an anagram of Leg Van. Makes you think. 3) The FA aren’t very good mathers: Southampton 2 – 3 United […]

LC: United Vs Ipswich what really? Yeah, some cup. Look, we don't choose these things

LC: United Vs Ipswich what really? Yeah, some cup. Look, we don’t choose these things

m m  Benno (@Benglorious)   I did my theory test in Ipswich. It was ok.   m Opposition summary: Ipswich were relegated from the Premiership League long before we were all born, but the elders tell tales of a striker of such skill, panache and elegance that the FA had all mention of his goalscoring exploits […]

Southampton vs. United

Southampton vs. United

 Benno (@Benglorious)   Everybody’s away this weekend so I’m in charge even though I’m also not here. This means I have to write theirs as well as mine. Just a normal match day then.   m Opposition summary: Southampton is downhill from Manchester, so they always have an uphill struggle against us.   Prediction: Vangle […]



CL: PSV 2 - 1 United

CL: PSV 2 – 1 United

5 things we learnt watching United’s Champions League defeat: 1. Nobody likes Hector Moreno. 2. Everybody likes Luke Shaw. 3. Football clubs are the worst clubs. They cost loads to get in and you have to sing your own songs. At least you can get in wearing trainers. 4. Anthony Martial has a melting point […]

CL: PSV vs United

CL: PSV vs United

 Benno (@Benglorious) The Liverpool game has just finished on SkyGo. Great result and two very lucky goals by both side’s new signings. I predict things for our new lad, Martial, the first being money and his acquisition of an amount of it, and the second that he’ll make United fans have positive reactions again when they […]

United 3 - 1 Liverpool

United 3 – 1 Liverpool

Manchester United vs. Liverpool 12/9/15 (3-1) Five things we learned after match we done: 1. Smoking kills 2. But not right away 3. Apart from in a house fire  

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