January 2017

United vs. Arsenal

United vs. Arsenal

 Benno (@Benglorious) Two of Her Majesty’s finest successive wins have seen us reach the heady heights of wherever we are right now in the league and/or cup competition. We haven’t seen optimism like this since we battered mighty Stoke all those days ago. Look out, all the other teams who play football – United are coming! […]

EL: United 5 (6) – 1(3) Mtyjitylityland

Suck on your disappointment haterzzz!!! Bangle’s voyz are so back, they’re practically made of backs!! Rashford is so hot right now: cooking bacon. Back bacon, cos of the back thing earlier. And all the other players are serving up some back bacon too, just a little bit less cooked, cos he’s the Head Chef in […]

FAC: Shrewsbury 0 – 3 United

Someone is going to have to spend the next few years stitching Shrewsbury Town a new goal hole, after Vangle’s Army went absolutely averageish, and ripped them a new one. Actually, they ripped them a new one, so someone should stop stitching a another new one, especially with the payroll capping and demands of these […]

FAC: Shrewsbury vs. United

 Benno (@Benglorious) United will be looking to continue their fine run of form from the ’98/99 season and kickstart their run to this year’s FA Cup final with a convincing victory over Shrewsbury Town. The League One side know they can’t offer the glamour of a Champions League tie against Juventus, but the mayor of Shrewsbury, […]

EL: FC Mitdjd...Midtje .. them 2 - 1 United

EL: FC Mitdjd…Midtje .. them 2 – 1 United

Good injuries, injuries. Here’s 5 things we learned and already shared via Twitters, like mavericks from the good old day of yesterillium*: *Warning: These opinions are contagious, as in they took some contagious to come up with them.    

Sunderland 2 - 1 United

Sunderland 2 – 1 United

A goal created by a golden eagle, made of futuristic dreams from the future dreams factory in the future, in the corridors of the pantheon of universal aplombness, and delivered to football via the conduit of Anthony Martial leg and foot bit, is the only thing I remember from this game. That aside, pretty good. […]

Chelsea 1 - 1 United

Chelsea 1 – 1 United

After promising to do a win, with some promising doings, Vangle’s boychilds allowed a sexy baddy with a pair of dirty knickers on his face grab a late equalizerer. Even though we’re writing this after the Sunderland game, and the 1 Euro League, we’re looking forward to taking this promisingness into the next two games […]

EL: FC Mtiflhygnsjafb vs. United

 Benno (@Benglorious) Something is rotten in the state of Denmark. Ticket prices, to be more accurate. Mid-Teejay Island have adopted the controversial Anfield pricing structure to finagle as much money out of fans as is humanly possible, except the Danish team have gone the intelligent route and are actually fleecing the opposition’s supporters. Rumours of £25 […]

Sunderland vs. United

Sunderland vs. United

 Benno (@Benglorious) Sunderland has been in the news for all the wrong reasons this week, but there is definitely Stadium of Light at the end of the tunnel – the lane closures on the A1231 are necessary for the future construction of the New Wear Crossing bridge. Stay patient, Sunderlishmen and women. Opposition Summary: Sunderland AFC […]

Chelsea vs. United

Chelsea vs. United

m Benno (@Benglorious) Two wins on the bouncy castle has had far-reaching effects: Donald Trump, everyone’s favourite Sith Lord, got beaten at something in politics meaning he may not become Supreme Overlord of Earth, but the more important “news” was to do with the (only slightly) lesser evil of the only man who still writes actual […]

United 3 – 0 Stoke

With heavy heart we bid a fond farewell and wave a tear-stained hanky to the goalless first half feats of yesteryear. Hoping this is merely a blip tbh. Jesse-dawg, Martial-dawg, and Roon-dawg proved themselves to be the swashbuckliest of swasherers, with net-bulging scorings that could shiver the timbers of the mightiest haunted pirate tree on […]

United vs. Stoke

United vs. Stoke

 Benno (@Benglorious) Stoke-on-Trent is a unique city affectionately known as The Potteries. With its rich industrial heritage and history, Stoke-on-Trent has respectfully claimed the title of World Capital of Ceramics ( find out from whom and in which competition when/if bothered).  The City boasts many visitor centres, award winning museums, authentic factory tours (authentic factories or tours?!?!), […]

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