January 2017

Hull City 0 - 1 United

Hull City 0 – 1 United

We haven’t witnessed scenes like this at the Cake-Con Stadium since ‘Cake-Con ’03’ and the scenes with the cake and the scenes. In. Cred. Ib. Hull. Scenes. That’s mine. You can use that to make new friends in awkward social situations. Aka Brett’s life. Rashdawg utilised a loophole in matchday squad/substitution administration to circumvent Jose’s ageist […]

Hull City vs United

Hull City vs United

 Benno (@Benglorious) Hooray for us, we’re quite good again based on the three minutes of highlights I’ve watched from the two games we’ve played against very beatable opposition. Goals are good again (who saw that coming?) as are wins (who knew?) and expensive players. Expensive means best, like when you shop at Marks and Spencer. Everyone […]



Paul's House Puppet: Wenger

Paul’s House Puppet: Wenger

Paul's House Puppet: Conte

Paul’s House Puppet: Conte

Paul's House Puppets: Pep

Paul’s House Puppets: Pep

Paul's House Puppets: Pogba

Paul’s House Puppets: Pogba

United 2 - 0 Southampton

United 2 – 0 Southampton

“Remember when we won the league after two games. That was today.” Says it all. ‘Says it all’, although integral to the point, and acting somewhat as a qualifier/modifier (delete whichever is somewhere near closest to the appropriate rhetorical device) to the point being made, doesn’t count as an extra sentence, the top sentence stands […]



United vs. Southampton

United vs. Southampton

“Johnny Three-Names pulls aside the beaded curtain of uncertainty”    Benno (@Benglorious) Sticking to our weird, recent theme of not doing our previews half an hour before kick off means that I actually have time to do some research for tonight’s (actually tomorrow’s (no, I’m not a time-traveller (or was I?).) game) – It’s Friday. Jesus died […]

Paul's House Puppet: Ibra

Paul’s House Puppet: Ibra

Paul's House Puppet: Klopp

Paul’s House Puppet: Klopp

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