United 1 - 2 Crystal Palace

United 1 – 2 Crystal Palace

Possibly the worst prediction I’ve made this season. Not feeling terribly negative personally, although not sure why…think it’s because of the positive feeling I get from watching Pogba and Morrison. Valencia and  Park two of our more consistent players in recent times are not playing well at all this season. Thought they just needed a […]

Aldershot 0 - 3 United

Aldershot 0 – 3 United

I recognised that number 9 from last season, he’s not a bad player…What’s his name B, B, B, B, B, B, B, B, B, BERBATOV! Comfortable. Not sure how it really exercises  any demons from Sunday as it was a totally different team playing a team a squillion positions below us in the english leagues, […]

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