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'In a Word'...

‘In a Word’…

To launch our brand new feature ‘In a word’… and to welcome in the new season we’ve invited some of our favourite bloggers and writers from the Twitterverse to give us some one word answers to some one word questions. We’ve decided to present some of the answers in a ‘game show’ setting. Oooh infact […]

Player Of The Season 2012: Anderson.

Player Of The Season 2012: Anderson.

Is it a Bird?… No, he’s just got braided hair you bigot! Is it a plane? … Well, he’s carrying a bit of extra cargo. and in some areas he’s first class (?!) … NO! It’s Anderson Luís de Abreu Oliveira. Anderson. Ando. Player of the season 2012. My hero *swoon*. I tried calling Paddy […]

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