June 2016

Community Shield...

Community Shield…

  Heh heh, so I was almost as wrong as could be, but like I said only a ‘glorified friendly’. Still, positive signs for Cleverly, ‘Welbz’, Young and  Nani to name a few. No denying it’s a good psychological marker put down. Let’s hope it’s a sign of things to come for us (and for the […]

Community Shield thoughts…

I don’t really care much for the Community Shield. I enjoy the spectacle as it is after all billed, and rightly so, as the season ‘Curtain Raiser’ but really it is just a glorified friendly. Players aren’t yet fully fit, they’re not really planning on getting stuck in to the extent that could mean missing […]

Balotelli the clown: A convenient untruth.

Balotelli the clown: A convenient untruth.

Just as I was trying to write an introduction to this post another story, this time of how Balotelli hates Manchester, has flashed up on my twitter timeline and as ever it’s accompanied by a smattering of acerbic comment, witticism, thinly veiled or overt racism, resolute defence and nonsensical guff (that’s the bit I usually […]

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