CL: Basel 1 - 0 United

CL: Basel 1 – 0 United

Last minute goals are for tools. We’ve always said that. Here’s 5 things we learned: 1. If the second half was anything like the first half it must’ve been an awful match. 2. I didn’t watch the second half. 3. I hope that implication was clear. 4. Because the first half was terrible. 5. What […]

CL: Basel vs. United

CL: Basel vs. United

(@Benglorious) The last thing standing between us and qualification for the knockout stages of the Champions League is a team called Basel, or, as our American cousins say, Ahreggano. Jokes, I don’t have an American cousin. If I did, he or she would have very easy access to firearms but have to wait until they […]

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