EL: FC Mitdjd...Midtje .. them 2 - 1 United

EL: FC Mitdjd…Midtje .. them 2 – 1 United

Good injuries, injuries. Here’s 5 things we learned and already shared via Twitters, like mavericks from the good old day of yesterillium*: *Warning: These opinions are contagious, as in they took some contagious to come up with them.    

Sunderland 2 - 1 United

Sunderland 2 – 1 United

A goal created by a golden eagle, made of futuristic dreams from the future dreams factory in the future, in the corridors of the pantheon of universal aplombness, and delivered to football via the conduit of Anthony Martial leg and foot bit, is the only thing I remember from this game. That aside, pretty good. […]

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