Chelsea 4 - 0 United

Chelsea 4 – 0 United

Blah blah blah Mourinho at Chelsea! Blah blah blah Mourinho at United! Blah blah blah Mourinho at Chelsea? Blah blah blah Mourinho at United? I wish I could read more about this, but my eyes are full of all the interesting opinions and statistics. Like he said himself, he’s ‘not 99% United and 1% Chelsea’. […]

Chelsea 1 - 0 United

Chelsea 1 – 0 United

I know it’s hard to imagine us without the jokes, but anyway … I had to leave my local during Sunday’s match cos of the racist chanting at the players on the telly. I made a pathetic attempt to say something, but I was alone and so basically bottled it, drank up, and just left. […]

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