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Chelsea 1 - 1 United

Chelsea 1 – 1 United

After promising to do a win, with some promising doings, Vangle’s boychilds allowed a sexy baddy with a pair of dirty knickers on his face grab a late equalizerer. Even though we’re writing this after the Sunderland game, and the 1 Euro League, we’re looking forward to taking this promisingness into the next two games […]

Chelsea 1 - 0 United

Chelsea 1 – 0 United

I know it’s hard to imagine us without the jokes, but anyway … I had to leave my local during Sunday’s match cos of the racist chanting at the players on the telly. I made a pathetic attempt to say something, but I was alone and so basically bottled it, drank up, and just left. […]

United vs Chelsea

United vs Chelsea

  Benno (@Benglorious): I’ve actually been to Stamford Bridge a few times, and a couple of those were even to watch that football thing that so many people know and love.  I’ve seen Eric get booked for scoring an outrageous lob on Boxing Day and I’ve also seen Rooney miss a penalty in the League […]

Chelsea vs United

Chelsea vs United

Tom (@Tom_McGhee): According to “King” Kenny (I certainly didn’t vote for him), this game is a ‘must-win’ for both teams. Feeling honesty is the best policy, I’ve got to say I can’t envision any scenario where that’s going to happen. If, like me, you are curious as to whether this could ever happen, ask NASA – I tried but they said they […]

FAC: United 2 - 2 Chelsea

FAC: United 2 – 2 Chelsea

To say we looked really, really, really, really tired would be a massive understatement (albeit in an overstated way). The two early goals were like a band-aid, covering the emotional and physical scars from Tuesday … and we almost got away with it. Carrick and Cleverley were lively to begin with and I thought Carrick […]

From the F.A archives: England Media Training

From the F.A archives: England Media Training

The story goes that we found this tape in a skip around the back of the F.A’s headquarters.  

Chelsea vs United

Chelsea vs United

We’re inviting some of our Twitter friends to share some of their ‘Pre’ and ‘Post Match’ thoughts with us from now on. You can still enjoy my nonsensical, confusing punctuation buffets, below their personal views on the game… Iwan: (@Iwanlehnert) We’re all about the trepidation at the minute. On the one hand, our defence couldn’t […]

Hodgson's Fables: The Blindman and The Lame

Hodgson’s Fables: The Blindman and The Lame


England 1 - 0 Ukraine

England 1 – 0 Ukraine

Who’d have thunk it?! By far the most pleasing aspect of last night’s result is topping the group and going on to play Italy in the quarter finals (Balotelli is one of their star players, how good can they really be … seriously). On the ghost goal … IT WAS OFFSIDE!!! Rooney’s BIG comeback was […]

England 2 - 1 Ukraine

England 2 – 1 Ukraine

I’m not really sure if there is much to be excited about for this game … NOT! Guess who’s back, back again, guess who’s back, guess who’s back, guess who’s back, guess who’s back etc… (repeat to fade) I was singing, you don’t need to guess. (If you didn’t guess Rooney then you probably need […]

Sweden 2 - 3 England

Sweden 2 – 3 England

Cometh the hour (60th minute substitution), Cometh the manchild(?!)(I’ll work on it). Tis always extra special to see a substitute in a major tournament make such an impact.  Nicer still when it’s England, speaking for myself of course. Am I allowed to claim my prediction of 1-2 with Carroll and Milner scoring (1-3 if Danny […]

Roy's Greek-esque Tragedy

Roy’s Greek-esque Tragedy

We knew it was coming, and we all (I thought), after some initial kicking and screaming, had come to accept the inevitability of it. Yet, still Roy Hodgson’s overtly pragmatic approach to the  game against France has shaken awake its fair share of detractors. What were these people expecting? As an England fan I have […]

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