Bi-a-click-of-Paint in real life exhibition shocker: Help me pick a pic…

Okay, so it’s a fairly straightforward question: Which picture do you think I should use for my exhibition? Basically, I’m asking which is your personal favourite?

This is in no way a vanity project, where I just want you to tell me nice things about my work … BUT if you want to add a reason, then that’s also a nice thing to do.

The one (or ones) with the most votes will be writ large in a real life exhibition.

The final pictures will be recreated in electrical tape on the wall of the art space I’m exhibiting in. Why electrical tape? Why not? I’m an artist, your rules don’t apply.

I don’t have the ability to attach a widget for voting, so if you could add your choice in the comments, that would be lovely.

The choices are below, but there’s also a handy little film to help…


  • Hutton dressed as Lahm


  • Zup Zup


  • Berba Sash Celestial Alignment

  • Here’s Jonny!



  • Barack and Wayne


  • Portrait: Giggsy (There’s a Giggsy I know – and one I don’t)


  • @MUFC_Facebook: I wish Rio in my yes house




2 Responses to “Bi-a-click-of-Paint in real life exhibition shocker: Help me pick a pic…”

  1. Ka-Powell!!!

  2. KA-Powell!

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