United 2 - 0 City

United 2 – 0 City

4. When Brett is away the machine breaks down 18. I just miss him so much 7. same but opposite 2.nded

United vs. City

United vs. City

    (@Benglorious) Ooh look at me I have the confidence to leave the house. Prediction:  M  (@tom_mcghee) Are we words today? I’m out atm so not sure can do mine Prediction:   M (@bifurcated_utd) Not being racist but I have had a lot of vodka* Prediction: *In Poland

United vs. City

United vs. City

(@Benglorious) Sussed. Prediction: That to make sense when you read Tom’s. M  (@tom_mcghee) Can’t be arsed already bored of talking about it with cunts on twitter. Benno do you remember at primary school how Jody brown would always be like ‘ha, sussed’ I’m sure all of Twitter are his children. Also Abso glols at Ed trying […]

City 2 - 3 United

City 2 – 3 United

When it was 2-0 we were all like oh no this is so sad I want to legit kill myself and die and then when we won 2-3 we were all like omg. Here’s 5 things we learned from the derby that defined a generation:   1. Bahahahahahaha City you abso shower of cunts. 2. […]

Terence Trent Derby Day

Terence Trent Derby Day

(@Benglorious) With every player except Rashford out injured, this game should be a fucking doddle. m Prediction: JoMo to take PeeGee to coaching school, which is actually just called a school because synonymomical tautology innit, and we all know what a great player he was. 0-0 United. m m  (@tom_mcghee) Pep. Unsure this qualified as a […]

EFLC: United 1 - 0 City

EFLC: United 1 – 0 City

If you want to learn that beating City is loads better than losing to City, and that Herrera is really spoiling us (lol, like the chocolate advert. You fuck off and get new jokes), and that well known raconteur and Royal correspondent Paul Gunning had this to say, “If ‘Antonio Valencia actually has a left […]

United 1 - 2 City

United 1 – 2 City

Now we’re world famous across all 3 continents, after being nominated for the FBAs, we have no time to watch this shit – what with all the after-dinner mints, meating and grating, and opining of Supermarkets. Oooh, ruddy Tescos. Tesno more like. Our PA told us to say lol @ Bravo’s footwork and his ability […]

Paul's House Puppets: Pep

Paul’s House Puppets: Pep



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