United 1 - 0 Leicester

United 1 – 0 Leicester

Did. Not. See. That. Coming. Here’s 5 things we learned: 1. Hawkeye’s storyline in Endgame was bit pointless for me, Clive 2. I was very disappointed with the win a defeat or loss would’ve suited all my tweets before the game that’s the most important thing 3. We all laughed when Hanna called him ‘Hawkeyes’ […]

United vs. Leicester

United vs. Leicester

Leicester 0 - 1 United

Leicester 0 – 1 United

In memory of the Tree, United scrapped to a tense one goal victory with no plan b. Goodnight sweet branchy cunt. Here’s another 5 things learned: 1. Arsenal are very bad 2. Rashford is very good. 3. Don’t do a preview before anyone else you’re wasting your life.

Leicester vs. United

Leicester vs. United

  (@Benglorious) Glol at that lonely cunt below. That’ll learn him for never doing words. M  (@tom_mcghee) ‘I before E except after C’. Leicester. Somebody’s lying. The Big Questions (11.30am sunday) This show is on every week and is fantastic. Ally awful. Starts slow but by the end they’re all shouting over each other like […]

United 2 - 1 Leicester

United 2 – 1 Leicester

CHAMPIONEEEES!! CHAMPIONEEEES!!! OLAY!! OLAY!! OLAY!!   That’s right … Mushrooms and Skin Cream. Mushrooms and Skin Cream.   Here’s 5 things we learned (we actually learned 6 things but Brett’s 6th thing was diss on the NHS, so, he is a “bad” “guy”): 1. Winning is definitely better than losing. 2. Ladies and gentleman we […]

Brighton vs. United

Brighton vs. United

(@Benglorious) I still can’t believe there’s games left in this shitpot season. At least we’ve got the whole summer to get a break from football. Prediction: Brighton to have an interesting concept, but make poor use of Will Smith, have a terrible plot and just not be a cohesive piece of filmmaking. How can you […]

Leicester 2 - 2 United

Leicester 2 – 2 United

MataLand. Like Matalan. But better. Probably less sales at Christmas. Here’s 5 learns: 1. Pogba’s shooting from distance was a highlight imho. 2. Missing all those chances was silly. 3. I enjoyed the parts of the game where it looked like we might win it. 4. Happy Christmas Cunts. 5. Right Backatcha. 6. Did I […]

Leicester vs. United

Leicester vs. United

(@Benglorious) Prediction:  0-0 United. m  (@tom_mcghee) Prediction: 0-0 United   m (@bifurcated_utd) Literally couldn’t give a fuck. You two that is. I wrote this. Prediction: 0-0 United.

United 2 - 0 Leicester

United 2 – 0 Leicester

This game was so long ago that no-one cares. Here’s 5 things to not care about: 1. We were only half as good as the last game. 2. But still eighteen-thirds better than Arsenal. 3. Even Arsenal are eighteen-thirds better than Arsenal. 4. Guardians of the Galaxy 2 was good I liked it when there […]

United vs. Leicester

United vs. Leicester

 @Benglorious) I am at a family barbecue, so I will keep this brief or I will get in serious trouble. Not from my family, from Brett for trying to kill him for the twelfth time this month.   Prediction: McGregor to win by TKO unless Mayweather knocks him the fuck out. Lukaku to travel to […]

Leicester 0 - 3 United

Leicester 0 – 3 United

Leicester City are Champions. We beat the Champions. We stay 6th. When did this conspiracy start? Where did it start? How did it start? Where will it end? When will it end? How will it end? Is that enough words for hot content? One more word makes it a round 100 words. Perfect.   Here’s […]

Leicester vs. United

Leicester vs. United

   (@Benglorious) We are truly honoured today to visit the home of the champions of England. They won the Premiership League last season with a form of possession football that truly dominated nearly every team they played against. How they are not top of the league at the moment is a mystery to even the […]

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