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CL: United (0) vs Olympiacos (2)

Ben (Benglorious): Here we are at last.  The defining match of our pitiful season, 2-0 down to arguably the weakest team left in the Champions League.  I say “arguably” simply because that’s the done thing and I can’t bring myself to say that actually we’re the weakest team left.  Unarguably. We all know Moyes won’t […]

Not A Rant: Hillsborough Report

Not A Rant: Hillsborough Report

The law makers are the law breakers. We have a reactive  (not proactive) political system that regurgitates the same regressive agendas – regardless of party – designed solely to keep those setting them in office, not to actually change anything – all perpetuated by the embarrassingly corrupt arms of the media they corroborate with AND instead of the football world […]

Bi-Mark: Footballiversity

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