United 2013/14 Season Review

United 2013/14 Season Review

Benno (@Benglorious):   The Bobbins:  A Tale of Trying King Alexander had ruled Traffordonia for nearly thirty years.  He was much respected by his enemies and beloved by his people because during his reign the kingdom had flourished, and was the envy of the whole world.  Alexander knew that his time as king was coming […]

West Ham vs United

West Ham vs United

Ben (Benglorious): What a week, eh?  Finally got confirmation about my new flat and also going to save one whole pence off every pint I don’t buy.  Oh, and United somehow remembered that they were United and well and truly spanked those Greeks to earn a clash against some no-mark German team in the next […]

CL: United (3) 3 - 0 (2) Olympiacos

CL: United (3) 3 – 0 (2) Olympiacos

Bifurcated David texted me at the end of the first half to say: That’s my team. *Yeah, no kisses again. Noted.

CL: United (0) vs Olympiacos (2)

Ben (Benglorious): Here we are at last.  The defining match of our pitiful season, 2-0 down to arguably the weakest team left in the Champions League.  I say “arguably” simply because that’s the done thing and I can’t bring myself to say that actually we’re the weakest team left.  Unarguably. We all know Moyes won’t […]

CL: Olympiacos 2 - 0 United

CL: Olympiacos 2 – 0 United

I wonder if the same people behind the Premier League conspiracy, are in cohorts with the ones behind the Champions’ League one? Is it the same people? One thing’s for sure: Shinji Kagawa is officially wasted on David Moyes. How much skill and amazingnessness does a player have to have? We owe it to Kags […]

CL: Olympiacos vs United

CL: Olympiacos vs United

. Ben (Benglorious): olimpyacos olympiacos oleempeeyakkos olimpiakos olimpiakos man united olympiacos champions league olympiyakos football olimpeackos fixtures how do you spell olimpiakos [phone rings: *sighs* Yes, Mother?……  Well who else always bloody calls me when I’m doing my words?……  Sorry for snapping, the computer’s playing up……  It ISN’T the Google?!  FFS.  Well how do you…….  O……  L……  Y…… […]

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