Jean-Claude Van Damme

West Ham 0 - 2 United

West Ham 0 – 2 United

Long lost brother (Another) guvner’s chicken curry (victory) Cor blimey (for) old taming of (the) twice fortnightly (mighty) double beds (Reds) white picket fenced (against) door (the) horses stable (lovable) Cockernee (cockney) Round-o’-darts (counterparts) Jean-Claude Van Dammers (West Ham).   Donkey’s tears (Here’s) a mambo (five) queens and kings (things) me ol’ china (we) jury […]

CL: Brugge (1) vs United (3)

CL: Brugge (1) vs United (3)

  m  Benno (@Benglorious) Seeing as our ruddy brave boys are in Bruges, I actually watched In Bruges (2008) for realsies. Crivens, there’s a lot of swears in it. You’d never think the main actor was the same guy who wrote the hit song ‘Happy’, although he did look quite pale and a lot fatter than I remember. Opposition […]

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