June 2016

United 2 - 1 Liverpool

United 2 – 1 Liverpool

It’s really hard to avoid talking about the main issue of this game but I think it’s all been said and repeated to death and back and we’re still talking about it. I really can’t get my head around what Suarez and Dalglish think they stand to gain by continuing with their stances. I would […]

United 4 – 0 Liverpool

Another day to avoid twitter with all the Evra and Suarez nonsense ad nauseam. If the cup game is anything to go on then we should win comfortably. Hopefully something, like a big thrashing, will finally put an end to all the inevitable booing. Looking forward to seeing Cleverley back in action, obvs. Rooney, T.V, […]

Chelsea 3 - 3 United

Chelsea 3 – 3 United

Cliche. Cliche. Cliche. Cliche. Cliche. 2 points dropped. Rooney looked sharper than recently (before he was injured obviously you facetious lot) and in the circumstances those penalties were very good. How he put the penalty in when Webb was trying to distract him with Grease Lightning I’m not sure. Chelsea, Mata’s stunning goal aside, were […]

Chelsea 2 – 4 United

I really can’t imagine anything but a win from this game. Yeah, I know it’s at theirs and I know it’s them, but…but…but that’s when your most likely to get a big kick in the bollocks (I hope the team aren’t as confident as I am). I’m willing to now bet that Torres will never score again […]

One Direction

One Direction

The marketing team behind Professional Goalkeepers Inc. have created an effective viral for their incumbants, which in Lehmann’s terms equates to: A Save = A Goal.  Of course the intention isn’t to fool everyone with their speculative propaganda, they are fully aware of their margins, but they know they can take the weak ones, the easily lead and I think it’s our duty […]

Case File #3: Filing Blanks

Case File #3: Filing Blanks

He may no longer play for United, but we have managed to get our grubby little hands on the archived, top-secret, investigations he undertook while he was still under our employment… Since escaping the evil clutches of Liverpool’s gang of petty criminals.  Micky Owen has spent most of his investigative career ensconced  in the underbelly […]

United 2 - 0 Stoke

United 2 – 0 Stoke

I love how this season is playing out like a twisted plot driven audaciously terrible telly programme. Gibson in the style we had become accustomed to forgetting, hammered one in from the edge and (via a defelection) got the biggest cheer at Old trafford on the night. A testament to how much we fear City now. The fact I’m talking […]

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