Burnley vs. United

Burnley vs. United

(@Benglorious) m The last time we played Burnley we had more shots than World War II but couldn’t find the net. I think that makes us Italy in this metaphor, but without the changing teams halfway through because we were losing. m Prediction: Rashford to continue his rise to glory by scoring for the third successive […]

Pirlo didn't just ruin my Summer...

Pirlo didn’t just ruin my Summer…

England 0 - 0 Italy

England 0 – 0 Italy

The day after the night before and I started clearing the inbox on my phone. The friends who were sending text messages with 4-0 and 6-0 predictions at kick off, by the end were almost threatening to “top themselves”. I wasn’t really prepared to be witnessing a loss, so was saved from wallowing in defeat, […]

England 3 - 1 Italy

England 3 – 1 Italy

Even though I’ve predicted 3 – 1, I expect, as we all do, this to be a very tight game. The goals that win England the game, I’m predicting to come towards the very end of the match, possibly in extra time. Gerrard, from a position of just quietly getting on with it, suddenly has […]

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