United 0 – 0 PSV

No goals all means we’re one step closer to the promised land. Can’t wait to get there. Don’t get us wrong, we’re really enjoying the journey and all. Lots. Really. Really, really enjoying it. To the max. And back. Lots. Yep. Here’s 5 things we’ve learned this week: 1ne) Learning is as learning does. 2wo) Life […]

United vs PSV

United vs PSV

 Benno (@Benglorious) Refusing to do a preview after Tom smashed it last game. Let’s see him do it again. m Opposition summary: PSV do football. Prediction:  I don’t have a point to forget. 0-0 United.    Tom (@tom_mcghee) Chapter 2 McGhee opened his eyes cautiously; despite being the sole passenger on Air Force One, a lifetime at […]

CL: PSV 2 - 1 United

CL: PSV 2 – 1 United

5 things we learnt watching United’s Champions League defeat: 1. Nobody likes Hector Moreno. 2. Everybody likes Luke Shaw. 3. Football clubs are the worst clubs. They cost loads to get in and you have to sing your own songs. At least you can get in wearing trainers. 4. Anthony Martial has a melting point […]

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