United 3 - 1 Bournemouth

United 3 – 1 Bournemouth

Now we’re Twitterfamousers you’d think we’d be too Johnny Big Boots to learn. And you’d be right tbf. Who needs to learn anything when you’re hobnobbing with the Twitterati; drinking pre-mixed Bucks Fizz from posh glasses?! Tell your 3 RT and 5 Like faces to suck on your disappointment. Bite us. But we’re legally obligated […]

Norwich 0 - 1 United

Norwich 0 – 1 United

By the time you read this Manchester City and Arsenal will have drawn 2-2, handing us an opportunity to – despite our best efforts – qualify for next season’s Champion’s League. Imagine that. Jose Mourinho has already said that if this happens he will manage every game, in the 2016/17 Premier League season, in just […]

Paul’s House Puppets: Vangle

Paul’s House Puppets: Vangle

CL: PSV 2 - 1 United

CL: PSV 2 – 1 United

5 things we learnt watching United’s Champions League defeat: 1. Nobody likes Hector Moreno. 2. Everybody likes Luke Shaw. 3. Football clubs are the worst clubs. They cost loads to get in and you have to sing your own songs. At least you can get in wearing trainers. 4. Anthony Martial has a melting point […]

Swansea 2 – 1 United

I read* an interesting** article*** yesterday: according to the statters, that’s the first time Swansea have beaten us since the last time we played them; stretching back as far as that was. And I was talking**** to some***** Swansea fans, and they told me Garry Monk was prroud of the rresult, cos he had a […]

West Brom vs United

West Brom vs United

Benno (@Benglorious): It’s been such a relief having this international break and watching some superb England performances.  I’ve never understood how people can say “club before country”.  Firstly, the national team is obviously better at the football because it’s picked from the best players in the country, which makes their games far more enjoyable to […]

The AA Team

The AA Team

United 4 - 0 Norwich

United 4 – 0 Norwich

Whoever the new Louis van Gaal is, I really hope they make Giggsy their number two. The Moyes toll taken on the players was visibly lifted and, well, it’s obvious why. Keeping Scholesy and Bicky Nutt involved in some capacity would again serve the new Louis van Gaal very well – whoever the board choose […]

Bi-Mark: Footballiversity

Bi-Benno: Where Are They Right Now..?

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